Re: Steel reefers

Richard Hendrickson

Does anyone know of a resource that points out the differences between the
early steel reefers of the major refrigerator lines? What I am trying to
determine is, using the PFE's R-40-10 through R-40-25 series as a baseline
(or, in other words, using the Intermountain HO kits as a baseline), what
other cars can one model and with what parts. For example, what would one
have to do to make one of the Intermountain kits into a prototypically
accurate version of the MDT reefers built in 1947-8? or an IC steel reefer?
Ted, I'm not aware of any article or other resource that compiles this
information, though you might want to see if John Nehrich has posted
something on the Renssalaer RR web site. I have this information for some
cars, e.g. early IC and ART clones of the R-40-10s, and could derive a lot
more from my photo collection if I had time. Alternatively, I could scan
some of the photos and YOU could pore over them!

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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