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Dean Payne

Sorry for the long delay in updating this thread... I wrote Atlas
about obtaining the caboose ladders as spare parts, here is their reply:

"The spare parts for this line are not available yet.
Once they are we will post it on the web site.
Thanks Atlas"

I don't know WHEN (if ever) that will happen.

Dean Payne

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The best suggestion so far is from Schuyler Larabee, who showed me that
the Atlas Trainman caboose has the right ladder, with the proper 45
degree bend instead of the more common curve. If I can pick one of
these up cheap enough, I'll just rob the ladders off it and be done
with it. Maybe I'll stick my Athearn ladders on it and sell it
with "more durable replacement ladders". Actually, that would be
BETTER for some folks...
Thanks for all the suggestions.
Dean Payne

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I need to finish my kitbash of a W&LE caboose. I have a pair of
Athearn caboose ladders (# 12504) but I now realize they are too
crude for the rest of the work I put into it. These ladders don't
curve over the top in an arc, these bend down at a 45 degree angle or
so. The prototype uses a flat stile and round rungs. I don't think I
am good > > enough to fabricate a decent stile out of styrene, nor
would it be sturdy enough. The Athearn ladder is sturdy enough, but
it is > > obviously stamped out of a flat sheet of metal. Does
anybody make a higher-quality part? TCS makes a resin kit for the
caboose, I wonder what ladder they use?

Dean Payne

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