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boyds1949 <E27ca@...>

There are also a couple of photos of steel side cars at the end of the
RPC-12 article on plywood side cars. According to the article, these
cars were in the 38375-38499 series. These had 4-4 dreadnaught ends
but they also had a channel end sill and side sill similar to or the
same as the plywood side cars. There was also a photo of an aluminum
car which became 40000. Photo in the '49 and '53 Cyc shows this car to
have the 3/3 IDE end.

At least two cars in the 38500 - 38634 series (38560 and 38608) had 4
panel sides similar to the ART cars, but the seam looks different to me
and the doors and side tabs are different, too.

John King

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Hi Don--The car has a 3/3 Improved Dreadnaught end on the A end,
roof, and metal roofwalk, but I can't tell the tread pattern. That is
all you can determine from the photo. Richard's narrative says the
is from series 38500 - 38634, built 1947-48 with Preco circulating
fans. The 3/3 ID ends were common; I can't infer from them that the
rest of the car looks like IM's PFE car. Would be nice though....

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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