Re: FGEX wood reefers from Accurail kits?

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Tony writes-

> I, always, pass on any information that I pick up to my club members
> or any one else that's a railroad modeler or fan.
> I am totally against information hogging.
> That maybe because I love the thought of preserving railroad
> knowledge and it's history for everyone and not the almighty dollar.

...few if any people on this list are "hogging" information.
But you confuse money with creator's rights. Bill Welch might well
choose to permit someone to copy freely and endlessly from his
handout--but it is HIS choice, not yours. He created it, and it's his
right to decide how it's treated. Bill is a generous person, though you
clearly don't know that. And it sure ain't about money. Go to your
local Kinkos or other copy shop with a 54-page document and see what it
costs to copy it, before you complain about Bill's $3 charge. "Almighty
dollar," my behind.
Well said.

No one has either a moral or legal right to either demand nor expect anyone to provide someone else's work product to be provided for free, or even to be provided at all; and to demand or expect it is not only pretty unkind, it is also pretty arrogant.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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