Re: 1952 Magor hoppers or covered hoppers

Tim O'Connor


Strangely, I have notes on these cars, 402298-402322, including
that they have 10 hatches. But I have no idea why I have that note
and I can't recall seeing a picture of one. I have all emails since
1996 indexed and I still can't figure out where I got this data...

Tim O'Connor

At 7/16/2007 09:36 PM Monday, you wrote:
Lee Gautreaux wrote:
I've been wondering about these cars for a long time as well. I hope
you can unravel the mystery before the SP Hopper/Tank book goes to
This is, of course, the goal <g>.

What color are they and did they feature similar lettering as SP cov'd
hoppers of the time?
They are black, and have the usual SP covered hopper lettering
in white.

Do they have the sampling spigots as carbon black cars do? Could they
have been rebuilt from carbon black cars? Magor built some in the
early days of carbon black transportation.
I had this thought too, as that was practically all the covered
hoppers in Magor's output in those days. But all those carbon black
cars are 45 feet or 46 feet long inside. It sure would seem odd to cut
five feet out of a carbon black car (and almost a foot out of the
height), just to make a 3050-cubic foot car. And no, no sample spigots.
They have what look like conventional covered hopper round roof
hatches, five on each side of the car.

Tony Thompson

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