Re: FGEX wood reefers from Accurail kits?

Don Worthy

Hi Greg, yes I'm in HO and the time frame is late 49 to 1953. The Central of Georgia did away with their steam during the summer of 53. That's a sad year for we Central steam guys. I'd bought several Accurail cars along time back thinking that it was closer to certain FGEX cars than they turn out to be. Anyway, I really need to have FGEX cars for my middle Georgia area than any other reefer. Unfortunately, every thing from the ART cars to all PFE stuff can be built or is built in kit, RTR or resin.

I guess that's what had me so "bent out of shape" for many years. I could find information for the bulk of PFE and others but, when I'd ask about Fruit, it has been like I was trying to get information about printing US money.......I've known that the men that could find information needed and deserved to make their expenses back. OR if they gathered the info and had a book printed.........yes, they deserve to make a profit..

But WOW, I can't get over so many years have gone by and we here in the South still can't model or don't have the right to model the one brand of reefer used so heavily here in the South or Eastern states. I mean...can't even find out the measurements for a car.

Anyway, I won't ask about it any more and I sure wish that I could attend one of those big meets.
I would like to invite any one on this list or person of knowledge to come to our "Middle Georgia Railroad Association" club meetings. We meet every 3rd Monday of the month at the "restored" Central of Georgia depot in Gordon, Ga.
WE would LOVE to have ya'll. We'll feed you and show you some good old (now NS) railroading.
Don Worthy
Ivey, Ga. wrote:


I held this message from Saturday over to respnd. I to am working stiff as I think many on this list are. Unfortunately I don't have an extra Kahns car left to send you but I can send you as well as a few others on the list a complete set of information regarding the Kahn's car on CD when I get a minute from my work-a-day world. Do you model in HO Scale? If so this a good starting point for the car regardless if it were FGEX/WFEX/NX cars.

I think to say that information sharing is difficult, I would answer that it is not the case on this and many other lists I belong to. I will not beat this issue to death. I just want modelers to model again... and it seem the ACCURAIL cars are a good starting point to build a fleet of Wood Sheathed car and I can tell you that many modelers on this list?were in my clinic (including Tony) and I feel that everyone had a good time and learned something, albeit it not in competetion with Bill's generous clinic on these very cars the same day. Thanks to the great scheduling of Jeff Alley you could take in Bill's clinic then go to my clinic and translate what you learned into a scale replica. And Denny took the time to help those that were there learn how to best install the ACCURAIL PROTO couple with his hand out as well as data regarding Kahn's provided by John Greedy.

So if you can, we would love to see/meet you there, for at least you could drive down and you don't have to go through the strip searches as I do (I am on some sort of list or at least someone that has the same name as I) and enjoy the offering. We will be doing another "Shake and Take" car in 2008.

Greg Martin

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No Greg, I'm not one of the "VERY" fortunate people in this hobby. If I were able to fly to different states and take in railroad shows, I would not be asking for the information. I would have been there and got it myself. I, also, would have brought what ever information gained at a meeting home to my fellow railroaders that weren't lucky enough to have gone to the meeting.
The RPM meeting in Savannah, Ga. is the only meeting that I've been able to attend on a reguler bases. I, always, pass on any information that I pick up to my club members or any one else that's a railroad modeler or fan.
I am totally against information hogging.
That maybe because I love the thought of preserving railroad knowledge and it's history for everyone and not the almighty dollar.
The ONLY time I've ever thought of money has been "in my time" when I've done work for others.
I am one of the many "blue collar" workers in the hobby that doesn't have the extra money or time to go flying off with or with out the family to a meeting.

Don Worthy
Ivey, Ga. (where the economy IS NOT GOOD...........despite what BUSH says) wrote:

Don writes:

"Hello Ben
Could I ask if someone has that handout if "I could buy a copy of their
handout". Really, if someone knows how to get a hold of something with the
measurements of some of th e FGEX cars, I'd pay for that.
I've got a good many photos of these cars being loaded and each car "looks"
the same height but the doors look shorter on some. I can't tell if that is a
trait of the truss-rod cars vs the steel frame cars are not. I've noticed
that some also "seem" to have a facia board and some do not.
What makes my photos "ask" more questions than "answers" is that the shots
aren't OF the cars themselfs. The photos are of the men and produce that's
being loaded. (Hope you'll understand what I'm trying to say)??
No one shot has helped me really pick out enough information to feel
comfortable in starting a string of the cars that I'd like to have.

I need so help from someone.....I need
Thanks to everyone
Don Worthy
Ivey, Ga."


Were you per chance at the Cocoa Beach Prototype Rails 2007? Bill did his
seminar at least twice I believe. The handout will help you understand the
progression of the cars and how the cars came to the companies. Again a must have
but no drawing no photos, that come with the seminar.

Greg Martin

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