Re: Caboose truck help needed

Mark Mathu

Jim Betz wrote:

Most, if not all, International all-steel cabooses had Bettendorf
swing-motion trucks. This includes the standard cupola, extended
vision, and wide-vision models such as those used on the GN, NP,
Once the swing-motion truck came out (year?) it was a clear winner
and a lot of cabooses ordered after that date were ordered with
those trucks.

Hi, maybe you can help me (and potentially help the caboose truck list
in the process, too)...

As I understand it, GBW's modest fleet of three ICC cabooses
(#615-617, built 1965-66) had swing motion trucks -- but specifically
Dahlman swing motion trucks, not Bettendorf. I'm no expert on truck
types... can someone confirm that the trucks are Dahlman? If not,
what type are they?

Here is an image of a truck under GBW #615 in 1980:
(that's the generator attached to the right axle)

Mark Mathu
Whitefish Bay, Wis.
The Green Bay Route:

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