CPR Fowler box car end bracing:

Rob Kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

I am in the midst of modifying a few Canadian Hobbycraft fowler boxcars and was considering modifying then ends which presently have two "Z" section vertical braces.

As I understand it, while two was common enough, some cars had three and others four. I am wondering if there is an article or other reference out there I have somehow missed that attempts to sort out what number series were which. (Yes, I know the number series present their own issues as many of the cars were renumbered after construction. I model 1946 - if that helps). Alternately, perhaps there is a source that notes which of the many manufacturers, if any, used the various end bracing patterns. (The extra ribs may all have been rebuilds as the cars aged.)

By the way, it strikes me that these models should be re-run by the manufacturer - but with a modification from the earlier production. Instead of using the equal spaced side bracing the original run received, they ought to use the more correct unequally spaced bracing used on the stock car models..... A new floor - similar in quality to that used by True Line Trains on their recent CNR 1937 AAR cars would also be a welcome improvement.....

Thanks in advance,

Rob Kirkham
who is starting to give up waiting for NERS

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