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Tim O'Connor wrote:
All I can think is that a 10-hatch, 40 foot covered hopper built in 1952 would look a lot like a clone of a PS-2 2893cft. But 1952 is a bit early for a PS-2 I think...
Plus this car is all riveted. I still think the car MIGHT have been a regular hopper originally, though that would mean completely new outlets.

I have an ACF builder photo of SSW 76053, built 12-51, and it has 10 square hatches... but it has less than 3000cft (looks like 2745, kinda blurry). I have photos of nearly identical ACF cars
built for T&P, and Anhauser Busch. And M-I in 1948 too (2828 cft).
I have a nice, sharp company view of SSW 76035, built 12-51, and it has welded square-section ribs except for the bolster ribs, which are T-sections. It has 10 square hatches, all right, and 12 side ribs; capacity is 2765 cubic feet. The SP Class H-50-10 we are discussing has 10 ribs, eight along the body which are angles, with channel ribs at the bolsters, and as I said, all riveted, and has an outside hatch locking rod and 3050 cubic feet. Not a lot like the Cotton Belt car.

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