Re: 1952 Magor hoppers or covered hoppers

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor wrote:
Aha!! Check out page 1109 of the 1953 Car Builder's Cyclopedia. I thought it might be an export car -- for Mexico! (The one in the photo is 3100cft, with 1 extra rib, but it's basically the same car.)
Excellent catch, Tim. The Cyc photo is fairly small, but the car sure looks identical in all regards, including dimensions. Wonder how SP got ahold of these Mexican grain cars--could have been a broker in the middle--and we know SP was short of covered hoppers in that period. And the company shown as buying the cars fits exactly with the Magor builder list.
Now to trace the Compania Exportadora e Importadora Mexicana, SA, in the Registers <g>.

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