Re: FGEX wood reefers from Accurail kits?

Pieter Roos

Hi Don;

The list of resources available for FEGX cars includes:

B&O Modeler article that started the thread - free!

Article with drawing in Jan 1988 Mainline Modeler. - $2.50 plus S&H
from the publisher. While I said I don't know if it is accurate, it
appears the drawing was developed from measuring an actual car.
Numerous detail photos of the somewhat derelict car are included,
along with two roster shots of unrelated FEGX cars. The drawing is of
the 8 inch sill version, called Type 2 in Bill's RMJ article but I
gather now changed to Type 4 according to Greg?

Trainshed Cyclopedia #3, Box Stock and Reefer Cars from the 1931 CBC
includes a drawing of the same 8" side sill car as built with a wood
roof. Available from the publisher for $15.95.

RMJ article by Bill Welch cited earlier - numerous photos of FEGX and
WFE cars along with short history of the companies and commentary on
the development of the designs. This issues appears to be available
from the publisher for $6.95 plus S+H

Fruit Growers Express/Burlington Refrigerator Express/Western Fruit
Express Wartime Reefers (1942-1946), RAILWAY PROTOTYPE CYCLOPEDIA
Volume Twelve available from the publisher for $24.95.

The Burlington Refrigerator Express Company's Signature Wood Sheathed
Reefers, Prototype Railroad Modeling Vol 1.

Truss Rod Refrigerator Cars of the Fruit Growers Express/Western Fruit
Express/Burlington Refrigerator Express Consortium, Part One: The
Prototypes, Prototype Railroad Modeling Vol 2. Both available from the

In addition to the Accurail car, Sunshine has several resin FEGX/WFE
cars listed as still available according to the list in the group files.

It appears that a model of the FEGX cars would not be all that hard to
build, and the information is pretty readily available to build a
creditable fleet. If you get the first four items on the list you
should be in good shape for modifying the Accurail cars for under $35.00.

Pieter Roos

--- In, Don Worthy <don_worthy@...> wrote:
But WOW, I can't get over so many years have gone by and we here
in the South still can't model or don't have the right to model the
one brand of reefer used so heavily here in the South or Eastern
states. I mean...can't even find out the measurements for a car.

Anyway, I won't ask about it any more and I sure wish that I could
attend one of those big meets.
I would like to invite any one on this list or person of knowledge
to come to our "Middle Georgia Railroad Association" club meetings. We
meet every 3rd Monday of the month at the "restored" Central of
Georgia depot in Gordon, Ga.
WE would LOVE to have ya'll. We'll feed you and show you some good
old (now NS) railroading.
Don Worthy
Ivey, Ga.

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