Re: pic from rrpicturearchives

George R. Stilwell, Jr. <GRSJr@...>

"Bill is a generous person, though you
clearly don't know that. And it sure ain't about money. Go to your
local Kinkos or other copy shop with a 54-page document and see what it
costs to copy it, before you complain about Bill's $3 charge."
This is the 21st century. Who goes to Kinkos and pays their prices when you
can scan the handout to a PDF file and distribute it via E-mail for free.
The recipient can print it if desired or just read it on their computer.
So, it's not about money, it's about the willingness to share. One could
argue the cost of scanning, but many HP printers scan for free. If Bill
wants, I'll scan the handout for him and send him the PDF file.

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