Re: Caboose truck help needed

Andy Sperandeo <asperandeo@...>

Hello Mark,

I don't claim to be a truck expert either, but the truck in your photo at
least resembles the Barber-Bettendorf swing motion caboose truck. In HO,
Athearn and Atlas both have roller-bearing versions of the Barber-Bettendorf
truck, and Atlas also makes a solid-bearing version. I'm using the Atlas
solid-bearing trucks (no. 191000) under Athearn cabooses modified to
represent the railroad-built (in 1942) AT&SF 2001-series way cars. It's a
nice truck, especially with the addition of Reboxx narrow-tread wheelsets
and Kadee no. 441 brake beams. These are the trucks under the caboose in the
attached photo; unfortunately, I don't have a closeup view of the truck.

So long,


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