Fishbelly FOBX 50' Plywood Side --Dreadnaught Ends- Ten Ice Hatches and Other Color Pictures

gary laakso

There is a partial color picture taken in May, 1953 in Denver of one of the 4000-4173 class 50 foot fish belly FOBX (FGEX owned marks) on pages 78 and 79 of Trackside Around Granger Country, 1952-1955 by Rich Wilson. The picture clearly shows narrow the frame was compared to the width of the body.
For the coal minded (notice, i did not say dirty), on pages 8 and 9 there is a July 20, 1952 picture of a Rock Island freight in Muscatine, IA passing a string of gons and hoppers including a P&LE 2 bay hopper, a NYC 2 bay hopper, a C&EI two bay hopper and a war emergency 52 foot gondola of undetermined ownership.
Those of us completing Westerfield Milwaukee stock cars or Sunshine ART wood reefers can be inspired by the wonderful derailment detail pictures on pages 11 to 15 ( yes, there is a Warren tank car, WRNX 11315 in the pictured too), all in Muscatine on April12, 1952. The truck from the Milwaukee is a surprising light dust color with oily/muck colored wheels, much the same as the ART 21993 reefer's truck.

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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