Re: CPR Fowler box car end bracing:

robert_kirkham <rdkirkham@...>

Thanks Dennis,

I went back to those articles and have worked through the
Clegg/Swain material. It helps.

From these I discern that modellers have grouped the CPR cars into
three phases, of which phase I and II cars had four braces, and the
phase III cars had two. I haven't figured out where three brace
cars come in to play, and seem to have missed the article where
someone set out which number series falls within each phase
(assuming that ever occured in print). While I can piece some of it
together from the articles, I don't have much confidence that I have
the various groupings correctly and exhaustively identified.
Perhaps I'm assuming a lot in even suggesting that occured, but
thought I'd ask.

If there is no article I've missed on this topic, I'll spend some
time trying to sort out the data in the article compared to the
charts provided and put swomething together, - But I'd prefer to
save the effort if possible.

Looking at the CPR data for the early 1900's demonstrates that the
original research was very significant! The reality is that working
through the CPR number series, the re- numbered series, and
identifying the variants and changes in design is a bit of a


Rob Kirkham

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