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There are a couple of solutions to this problem:

The file size issue is addressed by working with FTP rather
than HTTP.

Yes, Acrobat does create .pdf files just the way you want

Better yet PhotoShop CS2/3 will create a .pdf of any size
and quality you desire.

On the other hand the .tif format retains the highest
quality image and can be saved in a handy size file using
LZW compression.

The first and last options are my choices. I save all raw
scans, documents or slides, as .tif.


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Last year, with permission, I scanned and created a PDF file of a 30+ page
handout on freight car underframes, that was originally written by Gene
Green. My scanner software creates PDF's, which was the easy part. The
handout included many B/W photos, which photocopying destroyed. To get
clarity in the photos, hi-rez scan was called for and resulting document was
huge, well over 30mb, not easy to email or send. Many IPS providers limit
email attachments to 5 or 10mb. I finally was able to post it on a short
term site set up for large documents somewhere in Germany (this was before
Yahoo expand the groups file size), and folks were able to download if they
wanted. More than a few folks offered to send blank CD's or pay for one. But
I really did not want to get into the publishing or shipping business. I
scanned the handout several times attempting to get something presentable,
yet of a size that could be shared. In the final scanning process I missed a
page, took some grief for that obmission. Plus over half a day spent on the
process. Not sure I would do it again. Yet many were grateful, esp Gene who
had lost the original in a computer meltdown.

Doug Harding

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