Re: Red Caboose HO wood reefer Q

lnbill <bwelch@...>

As this is my model I can tell you I used a Sunshine Models truss rod
kit for the superstructure.

Bill Welch

--- In STMFC@..., Don Worthy <don_worthy@...> wrote:

Kurt, I'd ask the same question. I don't know a real answer but, on
the Steam Era Freight Car web-site, I found a couple of photos of a
model titled: "FGEX 13662 is one of a series of cars that used an
underframe similar to the Pacific Fruit Express "built up"
underframe, only with different bolsters."

There are two shots of this model but there is no mention as to
what body was used. It does tell that a Tichie underframe was used
with the exception of the bolsters which were scratch built.
I'd love to know what body was used. Take a look at it and see if
you can tell.

Let me know what you think.
Don Worthy
Ivey, Ga.

Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...> wrote: I know from the archives
that the Red Caboose wood reefer does not match the FGE 36000 series,
but is it a suitable *start* for any FGE/WFE/BRE car, in the same
manner as the Accurail kit discussed previously? (i.e., you might
have to make a new sills, fishbellies, or the like.)


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