Re: 70 Ton Andrews Trucks in HO

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Dennis Storzek wrote

70 ton trucks had spring groups with FIVE spring positions during
the steam era; 40 and 50 ton trucks had four.
I don't know why you say that Dennis. Lots of 50 ton trucks
had 6 springs, and even more had 5. On page 972 of the 1953
CBC are diagrams of 3 styles of Barber trucks, including S-2,
with 6 springs. All of them are 50 ton trucks.

Tim O'Connor

The man asked specifically about Andrews trucks, and I answered
specifically about Andrews trucks, even if I didn't say so. However, I
believe my statement also holds true for any steam era freight car
truck that used the AAR recommended spring packages, which would be
most, but not all (Dalman two level and National B-1's are exceptions
that come readily to mind). I won't be by my 1953 CBC until late
tonight, but I'll check to see what I'm missing then.


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