Re: Red Caboose HO wood reefer Q

Tim O'Connor

Anyone contemplating a kitbash from the Red Caboose PFE body
should keep in mind there are two physically DIFFERENT bodies
done by Red Caboose -- the original R-30-12 and the taller rebuilds,
called R-30/40-12-9's (or shortened to R-30/40-9). The difference
between the 30 & 40 groups is the underframe.

The Tichy underframes are available for sale separately.

Bill's model more closely resembles an Accurail reefer than either
of the Red Caboose reefers. (Makes sense because the Accurail
reefer was based on an FGE-design BREX reefer from what Dennis
has said.)

Tim O'Connor

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From: "lnbill" <bwelch@...>
As this is my model I can tell you I used a Sunshine Models truss rod
kit for the superstructure.

Bill Welch

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