Volume 2 is Ready to Order

smason22000 <smason2@...>

Hi folks,

My apologies for the commercial interruption…My website has been updated to accept orders
for the pre-release of "Weathering Freight Cars, Volume 2". A complete description of the
contents of the DVD are available on my website.

If you have already ordered "Weathering Freight Cars, Volume 1", and you'd like to order
"Volume 2" you can do so and take advantage of the reduced shipping costs by sending a
PayPal payment to smason2@... for $30.95.

If you have already ordered "Volume 1", do not try to order "Volume 2" through my website,
or you'll have to pay separate shipping costs. Please note on your payment that this is for
"Volume 2", and I'll add you to the list. This DVD will be shipping in mid August.

Thanks as always,


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