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Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 21, 2007, at 10:13 AM, Norm wrote:

I'm currently building a 3'x4' diorama of a mythical but quite plausible Maine coastal seaport set in 1940 where a narrow gauge
line from the interior intersected with the standard gauge main line running along the coast. While the standard gauge line will
undoubtedly be (almost all) real, I have some leeway in choosing road/owner names for various freight cars. I have my own
favorite names for boxcars, gondolas, flats, hoppers, and reefers, but I'd really like to find a good (hopefully local) line to
own the tank cars in the freight consist. My preference is for having one delivering diesel fuel for ships and another with
heating oil for buildings.

With this as background, my question to the group is, Where can I go to find the names of tank car owners circa 1940 in coastal
Check the 1940 ORERs and you will not find any Maine-based tank car operators that would have shipped diesel fuel or heating oil - or even New England-based operators, for that matter. Such commodities were shipped either in tank cars owned by the large petroleum companies (in the northeast, Texaco, Eastern Shell [SEPX], Cities Service [EORX], Gulf, Mexican Petroleum [Amoco, MPLX], Sinclair, etc.) or the big car leasing companies, primarily Union Tank Line (which served all of the Standard Oil spin-offs as well as some smaller petroleum producers) and General American. Simply on the basis of car ownership, UTLX and GATX cars would be the most likely to turn up in such service.

Richard Hendrickson

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