Re: IC & MDT steel reefers

Tim O'Connor <timoconnor@...>

I would love to pore over those photos of IC and MDT reefers! And
a help would be for someone to identify build dates for these from
the 1953 & 1959 ORER:

IC 50000-50283 7' 3"IH
IC 50284-50299 7' 1"IH
IC 50300-50499 7' 1"IH
IC 56000-56399 6'11"IH (not listed 1959)
IC 58200-58232 7' 3"IH (reduced to 58200-58218 by 1959)
IC 59214-59399 7' 0"IH (not listed in 1959; ice service only)

I think (based on partial not-so-great photos) that the IC R-40-10
clones had (1) different style hinges than PFE (more like Grandt line
hinges) and (2) wide style door steps.

SOME IC reefers have a peaked thingie above the doors (where PFE has
a straight horizontal thingie). I don't know what running boards are
appropriate for IC cars.

I have a fine 1958 partial scan of MDT #13726, a reefer leased from
the IC and still bearing the IC herald. It shows the alternate style
hinges and wide steps, but unfortunately the ends are not visible.

FYI, the IC handled 52,000 carloads of bananas in 1947! Pictures
show a lot of MDT and NRC reefers, since obviously IC did not own
nearly enough reefers to handle that many carloads.

Timothy O'Connor <timoconnor@...>
Marlborough, Massachusetts

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