Re: Tank Car Line Names

Tim O'Connor

Standard Oil (Esso) also used LGX reporting marks in the Northeast.
I have a scan of a 1945 ACF LPG tank lettered "Essotane Cooking Gas"
I have a 1950's shot of a Warren tank car in Maine but I don't know
if that could have happened in 1940.

Check the 1940 ORERs and you will not find any Maine-based tank car
operators that would have shipped diesel fuel or heating oil - or even
New England-based operators, for that matter. Such commodities were
shipped either in tank cars owned by the large petroleum companies (in
the northeast, Texaco, Eastern Shell [SEPX], Cities Service [EORX],
Gulf, Mexican Petroleum [Amoco, MPLX], Sinclair, etc.) or the big car
leasing companies, primarily Union Tank Line (which served all of the
Standard Oil spin-offs as well as some smaller petroleum producers) and
General American. Simply on the basis of car ownership, UTLX and GATX
cars would be the most likely to turn up in such service.

Richard Hendrickson

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