Re: 70 Ton Andrews Trucks in HO

Tim O'Connor

Dennis Storzek wrote

As to a project to publish an all-encompassing book detailing all the
trucks, doors, ends, etc. used by the carbuilders over the years, I
think one of the reasons it hasn't been done yet is none of us is
really sure we understand each and every line well enough that there
won't be more information coming to light at some point that adds even
more detail.

The ideal medium for this information is a Wiki, moderated by enough
experts (like Wikipedia has) to expunge bogus information. We started a
mailing list a while back to explore this idea, but with a more limited
idea of an electronic ORER that could link virtually every car listing
to relevant information. With any Wiki, you need a server, network,
software, people to support these -- all of which costs money and/or
takes up a lot of time. The virtue is that it can be amended with new
information by any of thousands of experts (who individually may only
be expert in a very limited field) and it can grow to encompass almost
any railroad subject matter.

A book is incredibly limited in this respect -- a Wiki can easily hold
1,000 books worth of information, all of it cross-indexed at everyone's

The web already has an incredible amount of railroad information, but
it's not organized, so I end up with hundreds of bookmarks and put my
Google Desktop to work trying to mine those web sites, but it still
feels like looking for a needle in a haystack at times...

Tim O'Connor

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