Re: Paint and details of MKT 91501-92000 series boxcars

Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 21, 2007, at 4:02 PM, Mark Heiden wrote:

I'm looking for some information regarding the as-delivered paint and
details for some Katy 40ft steel boxcars from series MKT 91501-92000.
I haven't had any luck finding photos, hence the laundry list of
There's a builder's 3/4 view of M-K-T 91805 in the 1953 Car Builders'

1. Were the roof, ends and underframe painted differently from the
sides of the car?
No; the entire car appears (in this b/w photo) to be the same color.

2. Was the "Be Careful" lettering, located near the side ladders and
grab irons of so many Katy boxcars, part of the original paint for
these cars?

3. What sort of running boards were these cars delivered with?
Apex-type steel grid.

4. What sort of brake wheels did these cars have?
Equipco Type 3750C

5. What sort of stirrup steps did these cars have?
Modeled by Proto Power West Type C.

6. I have found conflicting information as to when and by whom these
cars were built: by ACF in early 1951 or Mt. Vernon in 1950. Are
either of these correct?
Mt. Vernon Division of the Pressed Steel Car Corp., 1950. Ends were
"Dartnaught" (i.e., postwar Dreadnaught without the smaller
intermediate ribs), doors were Superior 7-panel, trucks aren't clearly
visible in the photo but look as if they might have been Barber S-2s.

Richard Hendrickson

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