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Two of my most recently built cars warped after the car was finished.I suspect that this was due to the very thin castings.Normally I put interior bracing,but these were the doors.Any thoughts?Armand Premo

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Take a hair dryer to it. Heat up the side and bend it out with you fingers. Keep repreating the process till it is straight. The first few times will take you awhile, because you won't heat it up as much as you need too. Once you get hang of it , you can do one in about four paases and five minutes. It always works on plastic-all three of my Intermountain ATSF stock cars have straight sides.

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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I have been gathering together a gaggle of kits preparatory to my
annual episodic (Quixotic?) summer porch campaign to actually finish
a number of resin cars. Because I will have limited access to a lot
of usual handy tools, I do go through each kit beforehand and try to
complete some basic tasks (i.e.mount scale coupler boxes, truck
mounting, semi-scale wheels, etc.). I also try to familiarize myself
with any unmet needs in each kit- i.e. A-line stirrups, lead weights,
etc. and stock up.

In this process, it also becomes obvious to me that some resin kits
come with all sorts of warping, while others in fact never do. Now,
I do know now to straighten out the flats (I use hot water), but with
more complex castings it otherwise can be a lot of work to be
expended for an already-expensive kit. I would gently think that
this might have been a matter that should have been taken care of
before shipping :-) .

At the moment I am contemplating a fine one piece house car that has
one side that is actually concave, bowed in both longitudinally and
vertically. and I am not certain as to how to correct this without
incurring more damage.

All in all, however, we owe a great debt of gratitude to those
supplying us with these fine cars. I love them!

Denny S. Anspach, MD

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