Re: M&StL USRA Box Cars

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

I looked at my photos.
I have one of a 22000 w/fascia
5 of the 25000, 1 w/fascia
1 of the 51000 w/fascia
Looks like it wasn't installed on all rebuilds

Gene Green gives no original owners for the 25300-25898

The 52000 were rebuilt from the CNW reefers.

It is possible that the xBLE cars were rebuild to look like USRA DS
cars in number series 50300-50348 (25 cars)

Clark Propst formally of Marshalltown IA

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Propst, Richard. I think Probst was a beer. :-)
Right you are, Tim, and thanks for the correction. Probst was a
whereas Propst is a beer consumer.

Richard Hendrickson

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