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Paul Hillman

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Yes,the publishers are listening. However,I will volunteer some
information about Volume 10 of RP CYC that unquestionably contained the
very best source of hand brake information ever assembled in one place
(59 pages of comprehensive material authored by Pat Wider). Yet this
book has been our poorest seller out of 15 books published to date.

Hi Ed,

I originally asked this question to the group about such a book, and I
would have hoped that such a comprehensive book WOULD contain a section
on handbrakes.

I think that, however, the subject of handbrakes alone yields much less
interest than the more major car-parts such as roofs, ends, doors,
underframes, trucks, etc. Yet handbrakes are also a major-proto detail.

It could be suggested that "booklets" be produced that cover each car-
part; IE) one for doors, one for roofs, etc., etc. But an all
encompassing publication should attract more buyers who would find the
perhaps "lesser details" an added bonus to a more extensive publication.

In fact, this was my original realization, that all/many of these
detail-facts can be procured through the accumulation by one's self, of
multiple articles and publications, but not in one book.

If there were however, "booklets" for each component, I myself might
abstain from purchasing some of them until I thought I might need them.
Yet I WOULD purchase such a "complete" book and get the "bonus" of all
the other details as well. (Perhaps some of which I hadn't even thought

I think that there would be a good market for such a complete book as
per this suggestion. In the case that one is in the making, someone put
me down on the list of buyers.

Thanks, Paul Hillman

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