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Pierre,My experience has been with newer resin kits from different sources.I have not had a warping problem with all of my older resin kits.I suspect that the problem may stem with parts having a thinner profile.Armand Premo

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This topic is getting intriguing. I've built close to 300 resin cars
now and have not yet had the need to brace the interiors with the sole
exception of the floor for the Sylvan Scale Models caboose kits. A
casting which in my opinion was too thin.
Which leads me to my question. The kits that are showing all this
warping, which resin was being used? The older yellow stuff? The soft
white, such has used by F&C? Or the grey resin like what Sunshine and
Westerfield use?
I'm suspecting that this issue may be more about the kind of resin
being used, along with improperly cured castings.
Pierre Oliver

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