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Edward Dabler

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I have spent 50 years in the construction business and have much experience
with various "chalks" (sometimes called "keel") and have always suspected,
have not verified, that RR car markings were done in a similar material. It
slightly "greasier" than classrom chalk, therefore making a very clear and
bright mark. It came in white, yellow and blue and since blue does not
photograph well in old b&w film, some of the white markings may well be blue.
Mont's description fits this material perfectly.

CJ Riley

I have never thought of Keel" as being chalk. I spent a number of years in
the engineering department of several railroads. We used keel for making
marks on rail or writing on survey markers when surveying for construction of
maintenance of way projects. Keel is also commonly used by engineering
surveyors on construction projects and in the making of land surveys not involving
anything railroad.

Ed Dabler

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