Re: floors was Holes (was: any guesses about this car?)

Bruce Smith

On Wed, July 25, 2007 12:39 pm, Malcolm Laughlin wrote:
Posted by: "smithbf36832" DANG! That killed my pet theory, which was
that the floor in the
doorways had been replaced, given that that was the highest traffic
area and subject to the most damage. In fact, many railroads put
steel decking in the door area to help with this...

What doors ? Looks like a bulkhead flat to me. Since the photo was
taken from a dome car location that was obviously higher than the side
of the car, wouldn't we see the sides if it was a house car.
I don't know of too many bulkhead flats with running boards ;^) (and
side ladders are pretty rare on bulkhead flats too, now that I think about

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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