Re: More thoughts on resin warping & shrinkage

CJ Riley

Well, Tom,

I have been using an air cure, no pressure yellow/tan resin for over 10 years

CJ Riley
--- Tom Madden <> wrote:

cj riley wrote:

Be careful about generalizing on resin color. I was in the casting
business for many years and used several suppliers as I came up to
speed. Alumilite is not the only yellow (buff?) resin.
Definitely true, Bud, but Pierre specifically referred to the older
yellow stuff. For me that means the original Sunshine kits from
Martin's Salina days, the RPI club kits, and early Yankee Clipper and
F&C kits. F&C cast all of those, from Alumilite, and their surfaces
were littered with microspheres of Alumilite (from air bubbles in the
surfaces of the molds) and tiny holes (from air bubbles trapped in the
curing resin). Today's tan/yellow/amber resins tend to be expensive
high performance high HDT industrial materials which need to be
pressure (and often heat) cured, and seldom find their way into a
hobby manufacturer's supply closet.

And, as I am sure Tom and the other professional casters know.
there are hundreds, if not thousands of varieties of resins in
many colors. They are all formulated to have specific properties so
as to meet the needs of a range of customers.
Actually, colors are typically added by the user. The urethane resins
themselves, when cured, range from water-clear to opaque white to dark
tan, and from very soft & rubbery to very hard & brittle.

Tom Madden

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