Re: IC & MDT steel reefers

Bill Kelly

Here's what I got...

IC 50000-50283 7' 3"IH
Blt by GATC 1937

IC 50284-50299 7' 1"IH
Blt by GATC 1937

IC 50300-50499 7' 1"IH
Blt by GATC 1942

IC 56000-56399 6'11"IH (not listed 1959)
converted in 1947 from 52000-55999 series which included wood cars built
from 1916 to 1922 from Haskel & Barker, ACF, Pullman, GATC

IC 58200-58232 7' 3"IH (reduced to 58200-58218 by 1959)
Blt by GATC 1937, original series 50207-50299

IC 59214-59399 7' 0"IH (not listed in 1959; ice service only)
original series 52000-55999 but I don't know when they were converted.

I have a fine 1958 partial scan of MDT #13726, a reefer leased from
the IC and still bearing the IC herald.
IC leased many reefers from MDT and NRC over the years. They had the IC
logo/herald/emblem/insignia/medallion with MDT or NRC reporting marks.
Possibly this is one of those. It would be good to know what MDT and NRC
number series were leased to IC.

Bill Kelly

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