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Ed Hawkins

On Jul 26, 2007, at 2:56 PM, rockroll50401 wrote:

I guess this post is for Ed Hawkins, but here's the question: Is there
a way to find out what a railroad color looked like? I have an ACF
drawing with a paint spec of Gidden Co. MGL-8319 Red freight car
I'd like to know how red it was.
The AC&F paint specs in the bills of materials normally do not give the
paint number for shades of freight car red. Typically all that's
specified is a paint color and brand name, such as Glidden Synthetic
Freight Car Red, C.R. Long Twincoat Finish Red, or Frazer Cartex Ready
Mix Brown. In some cases a brand name isn't even specified; just a
generic identity of "red freight car paint." I've seen some paint
numbers specified, but when this occurs the paint color is something
other than a shade of freight car red. For example, there's a lot of
tank cars and some covered hopper cars that received DuPont #25055
Ed Hawkins

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