Re: Hauling Grapes By Rail (redux)

Richard Brennan <brennan8@...>

At 09:56 3/19/2007, Bob Chaparro wrote:
[edited - RB]
I found the image below on Calisphere
<>, a service of the
University of California Libraries. The caption reads: "Grapes are
loaded onto gondola railway cars at the Turlock, California, depot."
This was taken around 1905.
In the March discussion...
the early steel-framed flat car on the left in the photo was not identified.

My initial thoughts:
- the Turlock "depot" is on the SP line down the Central Valley... the Santa Fe is a few miles east, and the Tidewater Southern to the West.
- showing five digits: 78947 This would seem to be a complete number - circa-1905 most cars were max 5 digits... BUT
- the number does not seem to fit SP or T&NO car numbering?
- has a stenciled sign on the sides says:
MOVE ONLY ?? ??????? (perhaps "to somewhere" or "in evening"?)
Given the commodity shipped, and the open car... IMHO this would imply a relatively local destination.

Are there any ideas?

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

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