ADMIN: Lists of items to sell

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

For some time, messages regarding the selling of items have been in violation of STMFC rules. Note that STMFC rules state:

"Announcements of frt car related items for sell are permitted BUT actual
lists of items should be made available from the seller upon request rather
than in the message. Announcements of such sells should be kept at a

Violations of this rule have been ignored in the past. Since members frequently cannot seem to respond to lists of items for sell offline, the STMFC rule inhibiting the listing of items on the STMFC itself will be inforced. In the future, all selling messages must direct the seller to an address where a list of items to sell can be the rule states. Responses on the STMFC to such lists will result in moderation.

Mike Brock

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