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Richard and Tom:

He has passed on to his final reward, and all his stuff is now
available at the railroad museum in Temple, Texas. Sic trainset
gloria! A.T.

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Richard Hendrickson wrote:

There was a Santa Fe foamer (whom I won't name, since he is now
dead, RIP, though numerous members of this list will know who I'm
talking about) who was notorious for having ripped off the
railroad files without permission everywhere he went. He would
pontificate about all the choice drawings, data, and photos he
but it was almost impossible to get him to share them with anyone
else. Then when others turned up with copies of the material
other sources he would proclaim, " but I have the ORIGINAL," as
though copies, even very good copies, were unspeakably tacky.

All very true, but if you had something he wanted he became your
best buddy. In the last two years of his life he extracted a lot of
Pullman information from me, but in return he loaned me all of his
Pullman slides and negatives (several hundred) to scan, and gave me
copies of all the Pullman tourist, military and hospital car
documents he had accumulated. He was obviously comfortable with
quid pro quo attitude, but I often wonder how much more information
and insight we'd now have if he'd made his material more widely
avaiable so we and he could have discussed it at length.

Tom Madden

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