Re: oiling journals (Was Holes, etc...)

Dennis Storzek <destorzek@...>

--- In STMFC@..., Anthony Thompson <thompson@...> wrote:

There are indeed a number of different commercial Babbitt
compositions. I assumed in Dennis's remark that he was referring to
other soft bearing metals, of which there are several. I don't think he
meant that bare bronze was used in freight car journals. If that was
meant, I'd like to know the source of the info.
Dennis had better step up with a clarification :-) Dennis was going
from memory from his active days in railway preservation, more than a
few years ago. Dennis' memory says that he's seen journal bearings
that were not babbit lined, but then again, now that he thinks back,
they may have been from a streetcar, or they may have been traction
motor axle cap bearings from a streetcar. Similar in function, similar
in appearance, but not from a railroad freight car. Since the ARA long
ago published specifications for "Lined Journal Bearings" , and the
ARA (later AAR) bearings would be the only ones used in freightcars,
I'll concede that Larry has it right, and I was thinking of something


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