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Tim and all,

I too have heard talc has been used in the past and I may end up there after sampling the cement. Chalk dust also seems to be a good idea.

What concerns you about real cement?

I was taught the following when involved in the ready-mixed concrete business:

--cement is the powdery stuff used in concrete
-concrete is cement and aggregate combined to make sidewalks and the like

Mont Switzer
timboconnor@... wrote:

I don't think I'd use real cement on a model... I've heard that talcum
powder works. (Same thing that they put in "flat" clear coat paint.)

I saw a nice weathered PS2 model on Ebay that had a nice "shadow"
effect that can be seen on a freshly dusted freight car, when the hatches
are open during loading -- After the hatches are closed, there would be
a "shadow" of the open hatch on the car roof. You wouldn't want to do
it on more than one or two cars, but the effect is arresting.

Tim O'Connor

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Vinegar will clean your car next time.
Clark Propst

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