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Tim O'Connor

Who is Greg Conrad? Accupaint is not an acrylic paint, it's a printing ink.
Greg Martin's advice sounds good for most acrylic paints, but not AP.

AP can be diluted with lacquer thinner, but why would you want to? I suppose
if you wanted to slow down the evaporation of the thinner, so it had more
time to attack the styrene model, then by all means use lacquer thinner.

Accupaint's own thinner is highly volatile and evaporates in a few minutes,
which is why the stuff dries so fast. Acetone is not terribly aggressive and
it's no worse than Accupaint's own formula of MEK, alcohols, and acetone,
but I think using Acetone alone the paint may not flow as well and may not
dry as fast. Accupaint and Star paints are highly water-absorbent -- so if
you spray in a humid climate or a dry climate, the results may differ quite
a bit. The MEK by the way helps Accupaint to adhere strongly to styrene,
which is why it is so wonderful for styrene. It can be sprayed directly on
brass, but it's not going to stay there if the model is handled. It's needs a
primer on brass, and I use a primer on resin too when using Accupaint.
(Otherwise I've had variable results with resin.)

And yes, Star and Accupaint are the same product, from different vendors.
I'm sure that's been mentioned one or two hundred times here...

Tim O'Connor

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I would not use any synthetic thinner on ACCUPAINT least of all Acetone
(dangerous stuff). From past conversations with Greg Conrad regarding his
product it was a very pure form of Acrylic. Jim Six once boasted of using
lacquer thinner with this paint and I had a conversation with Greg regarding
Jim's statements and he stated that it SHOULD never have done anything but
conjeal. We have had the discussion regarding using something other than
manufacturers thinners wiuth paints and I have always believed, Why reinvent the

One recommendation he displayed at the 1994 NMRA convention in Portland was to
paint the item and use a hairdrier to "shrink" the finish and it does shrink to
fit. SAWEET paint if you could keep the shelf life (I converted mine from
plastic bottles to glass) long enough to use it up.

I have had very good results in the past with this now not available paint using
distilled water and a couple of drops of Ammonia (which slows the dry time), but
that was before they made a specific thinner. I always used a double action
Badger airbrush for Acrylics.

Greg Martin

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I've used Accupaint some and have success using acetone as a thinner.
I've been told that it's more of an ink than a paint so it matches the
colours in the Accucal decal line. I've not used it on brass so can't
comment on it's durability in that regard but on styrene it worked fine.
Pierre Oliver

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