Re: accupaint primer

Douglas Harding <dharding@...>

Greg you are confusing Accupaint with Accuflex. Two different paints.
Accuflex was an acrylic paint created and/or promoted by Greg Konrad. It was
later taken over by Testors/Floquil who killed it when they brought out
their own acrylic line, PollyScale. ModelFlex by Badger is another acrylic
paint, very very similar to Accuflex, but according to Badger it is not
Accuflex. But I believe Badger bought the rights to Accuflex, made a minor
change in the formula to slow down the drying rate.

Last I saw of Greg Konrad, he was trying to bring out the original formula
of AccuFlex under his own name/lable. Didn't go anywhere if I recall.

AccuFlex/ModelFlex is a great paint, I use it almost exclusively. But then I
don't paint diesels, for which Accupaint is often used.

Doug Harding

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