Re: MP 10-6 IH 40 ft Boxcar - Follow-up

Ed Hawkins

On Jul 28, 2007, at 10:38 AM, Kurt Laughlin wrote:

I was originally interested in the 6 ft door, 1/3/4 IDE, cars because
thought as a group they were the most common *single* body style of
40-6 x
9-2 x 10-6 car in '61. Based on your previous info it appears that
the 8 ft
door, 1/3/4 IDE cars were actually more common then . . . Unless the
17850-18449 and 18800-18999 series were also 1/3/4 IDE, in which case
back to looking at 6 ft door cars. . .
The two series you mention were earlier cars built in 1945-1946 having
5/5 Dreadnaught Ends. In order for you to know all of the variations of
MP box cars, I urge you to purchase the Summer 1995 Eagle, which covers
all of MoPac's 40' all-steel box cars built new from 1936 to 1959. It's
easily purchased using PayPal from the MPHS web site
I've since added numerous photos of these cars to my collection, but
this article provides good photos from each group and all of the
essentials needed for modeling any of the various series of cars.
Ed Hawkins

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