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Trying to locate some historical info on three freight cars at the
Yakima Valley Trolleys Museum in Washington State.

UP 68130 - Union Pacific Tankcar built May 1958, Class O-50-7, ICC
103AW. This was brought to the YVT after the eruption of Mount St.
Helens to clear ash. Again any info on builder, register page
drawing, and what service was this car used in.


Richard Wilkens
Hi Richard

An equipment drawing for this car series is in Jim
Ehernberger's "Union Pacific Freight Car Diagrams Circa 1979, Volume
#2": Built by GATC 1958, 50 cars in series 68100-68149; Acid Service
(Spec. 103A-W); Diagram F-13-14, Drawn 10-14-59.

I don't know what you mean by "register page drawing", but if you
contact me off list I can send you a scan of this diagram.

Best wishes,
Larry Ostresh
Laramie, WY

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