Re: Fidelity to the prototype -- and giraffes

Peter Weiglin

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

<snip> all the bogus freight cars you like, even Tyco searchlight cars
or stock cars with giraffe heads sticking out of holes in the roof.

and Mike Fortney responded:

Bogus? Drat! There goes my plans for a solid unit train of giraffe
cars on my interurban Illinois Terminal layout!

= = =

The danger with giraffe stock cars on an interurban line is the
potential interference fit with the overhead wire, particularly the
cross spans.

Seriously, this list's dedication to information leading to prototype
fidelity keeps us all "honest." Yes, prototype fidelity is the goal,
and we know going in that, in some way, we cannot avoid falling short
of complete accuracy. But we have the standard set out before us, and
each of us can make his/her own decision about how closely to approach
that standard in constructing a given model, or railroad.

We will inevitably make compromises, but it's good to know as much as
possible about the "ideal," so that we can make those compromises

Each of us picks our own "compromise point;" the place at which we say
it's "good enough for me." It seems that most of the differences of
opinion we encounter stem from differing priorities or compromise
points among the participants in the discussion.

But the more we learn, the more our compromises occur at higher and
higher levels. Which is infinitely more satisfying than not knowing
or caring about prototype fidelity at all.

Peter Weiglin
Amelia, OH

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