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Jim King

The SRHA debuted its latest HO kit at the NMRA Detroit show last weekend,
thanks to the kindness of Gary Wright handling the sales. On 8/11, these
kits will be available at the Norcross, GA train show. Visit the SRHA table
to pick up a couple, along with the new calendars and other goodies. The
kit represents Southern's home-built 41'6" flat car in the 116850-117354
series, built in 1926 and lasting in revenue service until 1973. Many were
converted to non-revenue service starting in the late 50s for uses like
derrick boom cars, equipment hauling, wheel flats and transfer caboose
frames. Some can be seen today running around in orange with black NS
lettering in ribbon rail train service. (We have a boom car/flat car
conversion at Spencer.)

The kit's castings include a vacuum/pressure cast outer frame with separate
inner frame containing the centersills and a sheet of details. Patterns
were made via 3D CAD/rapid prototyping process, resulting in exquisite
detail. Included in the kit is a brass weight, Tichy trucks w/ Red Caboose
metal wheels, Kadee "whisker" scale couplers, Tichy details and brake gear
and a laser cut wood deck with over 900 simulated nail holes!

Price is $44 for non-members plus shipping. Visit the SRHA web site
(www.srha.net) to order now if you can't make the show.

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.


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