Re: ADMIN: A goal of the STMFC: Fidelity to the prototype


--- In STMFC@..., Denny Anspach <danspach@...> wrote:
Is this a closed fraternity of steam era freight car cogniscenti
where only those with the secret knock dare enter;
Perhaps, I'm misunderstanding you, but I think that is insulting to
the many "cogniscenti" who do share their knowledge freely here. If
they know that something is not accurate are they supposed to keep
quiet so as not to insult a manufacturer, or slight another modeler
who might take offense or feel excluded because they are not in the

or an open forum
where members of the wider hobby can be educated and importuned to
embrace a totally interesting and very constructive modeling

Yes, and if that sometimes bothers someone that isn't into striving
for something better then too bad. The forum is for people to learn
to do better and then decide it they want to or not. It's not to
make people feel better about mediocrity. There is enough of that in
our society. -Jim Pasquill

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