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To Ed's question, let's add the Hobbyline/Lionel tank. As I remember it, the frame was pretty crude, but the tank and dome were nicely done for the time. Did it have a prototype? Could it be shortened or used as is on another frame to represent something close to real life?

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ed_mines wrote:

Are these close to any real cars?

Before there was so much prototype information available I used to have about a dozen plastic tank cars on the shelf in what I thought looked like a pretty realistic train.

I liked the aforementioned Mantua cars best. I also liked the short lived Walthers car which I think was originally tooled by Train Miniature. It was similar to if not identical to Varney.

The Athearn car didn't match any of the others. It was bigger and the dome had less height.

Mantua "heavies" (were they originally Lindburg?), Red Caboose, Intermountain, the Gould car recently dragged through the mud with 2 different domes; there were a lot of different cars.

Surprisingly, one part of the Athearn car that was better than any of the other cars - the bent wire railing. Lining up the cast plastic ends with wire in the Tichy cars was some pain in the butt. I had a lot of trouble getting the railing holders to stay on the gould/Tichy car - they kept on popping off.

Did any of these cars have real prototypes?


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