Re: The lists collective knowledge

Dave Nelson <muskoka@...>

Don Burn wrote:
Seeing the discussion's of Tichy and other tank cars raises a
question, has the list thought of capturing this collective knowledge
in some format other than the list? It would be extremely helpful
for those of us who are not as experienced to know there was for
instance a file "HO Tank Cars" that had the information on Tichy and
the other products out there.

Things that would be wonderful in such a list:

1. Actual prototypes for the car
2. Deficiencies in the model
3. Articles and other data on improving the model
4. Sources of prototype photos for the car

I realize this is a lot of work, but even capturing the discussion on
the list for the current tank car discussion and putting it in a file
for later reference would be a good start.

Don Burn
Don, your suggestion has been made on several previous occasions -- it is a
good idea after all -- but the reality is there has never been an an
agreement between enough people willing and capable to doing the work to
implement the idea. For instance, there was a group of us who considered
putting information into a wiki. I offered a complete digital ORER as one
aspect of it. Nothing came of it as the group was lacking both time and the
technical knowledge to pull it off.

That's not to say this idea will never happen, but to explain why it hasn't
happened yet.

Dave Nelson

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