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Gene, Bruce,

I agree with Bruce.

I will add that the evidence, so far, seems to indicate that the
color change was gradual, not sudden. The color seems to have
evolved during the late 1940's from the wartime brown, which
weathered to a dark rusty dirt color, to the bright red oxide of 1950
and later. As you say, the bright red oxide is well represented by
the zinc chromate primer color although for the regular Floquil, that
ZC color is not as bright as it was 15 or 20 years ago and now looks
too brown to me. I say "evolved" because the data presented in
Railmodel Journal seemed to show that the change was a gradual shift
from the brown to the bright red oxide.

My only hard evidence is some paint I scraped off of an M-26 at Point
of Rocks around 1969 or 1970. The THIRD layer down was an exact
match for Accupint AP54 Rich Oxide Brown. Judging from the ghost
lettering showing through, I would guess that the paint matching AP54
went along with the lettering scheme used in 1945 and 1946.

John King

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I'll take a shot at this, but since data for this is not fully
organized it is open to some interpretation. I use Polly Scale
Red with a touch of roof brown for pre 1945. In the post 1945
my 1953 layout era I use their zinc chromate primer. Boxcars appear
much less brown than they did in the earlier scheme in color
photographs. The fourth quarter 2006 Sentinel (B&ORRHS) had a
article on this topic and it confirms that many B&O modelers use
colors from various manufacturers.

There are two Railmodel Journal articles that speak to this
but they do not give color info in PollyScale colors. They are in
August 1989 and June 1990 issues.

Bruce D. Griffin

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I had read several different accounts as to the proper shade of
for B&O boxcars in the post-1946 era. The few color photos I
seem to lean towards a bright orange/red oxide color. What shade
Polyscale paint would best fit a wagontop boxcar during the early
1950s prior to the use of the billboard lettering. Would the pre-
be similar or more like Polyscale freight car red?

Gene Deimling

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