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Posted by: "James Eckman" > Why subscribe to STMFC if you didn't want build accurate prototype cars? Since the emphasis of this group is standard gauge of a relatively modern era, interchange is a fact of life so even with a freelance railroad it's nice to have the visiting cars right.

Don't assume everyone on the list is a model builder. I don't build highly detailed models and am not likely to do more than put some more kits together - I'm still working on eight Silver Streak kits from the 60's.

My main interest is operations, 50's era, and I've found this list very useful because it often touches on operating practices with steam era cars.

I like the NEBW classification thing.

> Certainly if you need a large, varied freight car fleet, you may need some stand ins that aren't the best for operations purposes until you can get or make better cars, I always liked the NEBW grading system for cars, maybe we should carry it one step further:

C - Car is reasonably prototypical, some mistakes that are apparent to knowledgeable people, dimensions may be a little off, an accurate color scheme and and any blatant lettering mistakes easily corrected with redecaling the car.

I'm most comfortable with class C is a practical compromise .

There's another factor that ought to be recognized before being scornful of those of us who keep the cars like the Athearn three-dome. We don't all have the money to buy only very accurate cars, and with some of those inaccurate oldies we can at least have enough cars to operate a railroad. I want my trains to look good, but not of the expense of being unable to operate as I want because of lack of cash and skill level to to satisfy the rivet counters.

As I said above, there are other good reasons for being on this list.

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